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Pierwszy warunek aby być szczęśliwym? Pokochać to, co mamy:)Ta afirmacja wspiera Cię w poczuciu by..

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Ta afirmacja wspiera Cię w sięganiu gwiazd i dążeniu do realizacji śmiałych celów. Tak naprawdę ni..

45 PLN

Maqudesign Maja Kubica

Since 2013 we create fashion and design for possitive People, who love comfort, smile and high quality. We are looking for new solutions and patterns to create objects which may accompany you in every situation. We would be happy if you share with us your experiences with Maqu!

We bring up our knowledge about ecology and responsible life just because it is importand for us, but we want to share it with you throw our products. Please, remember-  items you bought were sew and printed in Poland, taking care about fair-trade economy rules and ecology what has an infuence of its price. Buying from us you have guarancy your money were spent in honest way.

If you want learn more, please be invited.